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Presentation: Horizons

International Art Exhibition
18 - 26 March, 2006
Villa La Ferdinanda, Artimino (Po) - Italy

It is in the spiritual nature of artists to dislike limits. Their talents and sensibility prevent their conditioning by the norms of society, permitting their eyes and art to go beyond any border. They move forward into the known and unknown, testing the horizons of real and unreal, ending and unending, visible and invisible.

"Horizons" will uncover the endless facets tied to the interpretation of this artistic theme. It will permit us to experience the artists' vision of Horizons involving memories, souls, domesticity and nature.

The Soul Horizons. The emotional aspect intrinsically remains connected to many artworks, able to move although the incessant bombing of images, of provocations, of anestetisms that every day we endure; the sign, the chromie, the texture still able to make us feel strong feelings and pulsions. “Horizons” in which live tensions, vibrations, traces of existence RIVERSATE in flowing of emotions and painted, carved, photographed images.

The Domestical Horizons. Also the domestic horizons, daily under our eyes, constitute a source of inspiration for the artists who, catching, charmed, the poetry and the essence, transform them in lyric, surreal, fantastic images depending on their interpretation and momentanly mood.

The Natural Horizons. The power of colours, of shapes, of sensations, of the suggestions and of perfumes of the natural borders wraps the artists overwhelming and stimulating their senses. The Landscape, always changeable and rich of infinity shades. It reveals itself in its whole truth and power to those artists who daily paint it, showing unlimited faceting and interpretation.

The Horizons of the memory. A particular aspect that the curators of the exhibition want to inquire and at the same time to evidence is the emotional and memorial aspect of making art; "in the works rich of intentions the vision" - has written Valerio Grimaldi in a text of his - "tracima for that mysterious tie that joins painting and psychical reality, painting and inquietudine of existing, nearly a continuation of apparitions, of rivelazioni if it is true, as it is true, that the artwork as conscious written is, at the same time, unconscious design, design of itself, graphical self-portrait of the author also in its most insignificant drawn (tratto). In this way the artists sovverte distance and presence, fantasy and story, truth and fiction in the rooms of their memory ".

Horizons” is an International Exhibition aiming to gather different artists, established and emerging, Italian and foreign, young and less younger; each artist will enrich the exhibition through his/her own style and artistic interpretation of the proposed theme with a soul-searching personal harmony. Participating artists will freely employ and deploy with great harmony although the diversity of their creative DNA. Inside the exhibitive path will be revealed images, emotions, stories and memories that will guide us in a sweet abandon between reality and fiction.
The organizers will select and bring artists together as representatives of this kind of spiritual and artistic research and the range of expressive forms can be extremely wide and varied: painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, and graphic.

During this artistic and cultural occasion, the Jury will select, in the name of ArtexArte Foundation, five among the most significative participant artists of “Horizons”.

The curators will also make sure to involve Institutions, critics, operators, collectors, press and specialized media. As well, they will underline the approach of the cultural and of the marketing aspect of this event, which is an inseparable feature of contemporary art.

The outstanding artistry of “Horizons” will be exhibited in a Medici Family possession in the heart of Tuscany. The setting will be the beautiful and historic Villa Medicea “La Ferdinanda” built in the 1500’s in Artimino, a few kilometres from Florence. This lovely villa is immersed in the green of the sweet Tuscan hills. "Horizons:" boundless emotions displayed in Renaissance enchantment.

Paola Trevisan



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