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As an artist who lives and works in New Zealand, I am about as far away from Italy as you can get and it is no easy matter to travel there to exhibit my work. However, for the last three years that is exactly what I have been doing.
The great attraction for me is the opportunity to exhibit my paintings under the auspicious guidance of Paola Trevisan of Trevisan International Art. Throughout my fifty years as an exhibiting painter I have never encountered such a gifted curator.
Her knowledge, perspicacity and honesty, together with her acute awareness and passion for individual creative force, is a great boon to me and the many other artists who have been fortunately selected by her discerning eye.

I am truly honoured to be associated with her and her organisation, and now, as she expands her operations beyond her native shores, I will be proud to exhibit with her anywhere.
Keith Morant (New Zealand)

I was fortunate enough to have first met Paola Trevisan through my participation in her "Imaginary Journeys" exhibition in 2009. From the moment Paola first contacted me I found her to be both friendly and professional, however after participating in this wonderful exhibition my admiration for her professionalism grew. Paola is an extremely talented individual. Her dedication to her work is only surpassed by her skill and experience as a curator. She has a real commitment to the artists and the art that she personally selects for her exhibitions. I was proud to have been involved in an international exhibition of this quality.
Paola's passion and mastery as a curator is well renowned and it would be my absolute pleasure to
be part of any show she was involved with.
Bronwyn Woodley Graham (Australia)

Paola Trevisan has organized and curated the "Imaginary Journeys" exhibition, this year in Ferrara. I was honored and happy to join it. Paola selected the artists and works in order to show the unbelievable variety in art and limitless imagination artists are using in their creative work. That was the reason for the official name of the exhibition. When I arrived in Ferrara I found myself as well, in an "imaginary journey": the group of artists which Paola brought together and the general atmosphere and friendly relations she managed to create was fantastic. The installation of the artworks in the Imbarcadero rooms and the lighting brought the exhibition to an optimal level.
I feel very grateful to Paola and I think that she is a first class curator – as far as understanding art, knowing how to select it and how to display it, and also how to write and transfer her deep understanding to others. Besides that Paola is a great organizer, being capable, to organize many artists, communicating with every one of them, to prepare a high level exhibition catalog on time and to make public relations and publicity for the exhibition. When I was invited to participate in the exhibition, I couldn't even hope for more than that!
Saadia Bahat (Israel)

When first approached by Paola Trevisan two years ago to exhibit with her in Italy I was truly amazed, especially as I am an artist from Australia and quite a long way from Ferrara.
I have found Paola to be an extremely professional curator and it has been an honour to work with such an honest and encouraging organization.
I have received enormous encouragement to exhibit internationally and also in my own country.
I am looking forward to renewing my association with Paola in Australia this year.
Carol Rowling (Australia)

Exhibiting with Paola Tevisan in Ferrara at Estense Castle in Ferrara was a wonderful experience. As an artist from New York, now living in India since 2008, the exhibition I had there is still a fond memory that also has its proud space on my artist’s resume. Paola curates beautiful exhibitions composed of hand selected international artists that are well worth the exposure. The castle’s Imbarcadero rooms are a beautiful backdrop for the exquisite artwork and the event is well attended by art lovers and collectors. It is obvious how much work and attention to detail is going into the exhibitions, which take place every year in Autumn. Paola chooses a different theme each year and creates a beautiful catalogue that accompanies each exhibition with quality pictures of every artist’s work. I highly recommend this event to any artist, who is lucky enough to be invited!
Cariya Breemen (United States)

I met Paola Trevisan four years ago in Ferrara at the exhibition "The Magic Path Of Art", Paola organized it all very professionally. I had more exhibitions where she was curating the show, and it was always great without any problems. Paola is always reliable, and does as she says. in the meantime we had some lovely conversations and we became friends. Paola is a very important contact of mine in Italy, and I am proud to call her my friend.
Jeannette Berndsen (United States/the Netherlands)

Since the first letter I received from Paola with the invitation to exhibit in Ferrara up until now, two years ago, I recognized a woman who is passionate about art, specifically contemporary art.
Her passion contains both parts: the art as well as the artists. She is deeply interested in and committed to artists to give them space to explore and to be. I learned to know her as a powerful, loving, pure and intuitive woman that is interested in growth of spiritual awareness and to make this visible at a level that might be times ahead on her public.
Through her work for art and artists she has the power to open gates, hearts, and new ways to look and experience art.
I am honored and delighted to work with her and to be part of her ‘collection’.
Marion Bakker (the Netherlands)



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