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Event: Art Melbourne

"Trevisan International Art at ‘Art Melbourne’ Australia"
Royal Exhibition Building
22-25 April, 2010
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During the installation

During the installation

The Royal Exhibition Building by night

During the Opening

A panoramic of the Art Fair

The Art Fair

The Art Fair

The Art Fair and on the right, the TIA Stand

The TIA Stand with K. Morant, M. Bakker

Michele Krauss and M. Krauss

Carol Rowling (paintings) and Joe Sloan (sculpture)

Franz Rittmannsberger (sculpture)

Joe Sloan (sculpture) and Fran Mc Cann

Ton Lindhout

A view of the TIA stand

A view of the TIA stand

A view of the TIA stand

Carol Rowling, Paola Trevisan and Tricia (Morant) at the Opening

Paola and Keith Morant in his stand

Paola and Bronwyn Woodley Graham at her stand

A detail of the outside Royal Exhibition Building

The Carlton Gardens, setting of the Royal Exhibition Building



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