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Presentation: Rooms of the Memory

"Rooms of the Memory"
Federician Rooms of Svevo Castle, Trani

19 May 06 June 2007

I first would like to thank the De Nittis Foundation from Barletta for their pleasant invitation to curate the International Section of foreign artists coming from various countries I had the delight to work with in the near past.

But I also would like to thank all artists who gave me the opportunity to show an exhibition of rare quality and thikness; working and meeting great artistic characters and the different cultures you belong, is unceasing source of confrontation and stimulation not only for my profession but also for my personality.

To me its a joy the fact many international artists gave their enthusiastic adhesion to the proposal of exhibit in this important manifestation taken in such charming sceneries. The authors, in these prestigious historical Castles of Trani and Barletta will freely employ and deploy their pictorial gestures, their colours, their signs, their feelings and their memories, confronting each other with great harmony, even in the diversity of their expressive forms.

The meeting between artists with a deep pictorial sensibility and with a great creativity, gifted of real talent and with that mastery permits to range with confidence over all types of expression and artistic language, represents a motif of exchange and dialogue inside the exhibition enriching it also culturally.

The exhibition aims to evidence the emotional and memorial aspect of making art. Each showed painting and photograph its a result involving deept thoughts, perceptions, feelings and memories behind; painting, psychical reality, inquitetudes of existing appears, flue to the canvas or through the shot, joining conscious and unconscious. This way artist, in the rooms of their memory, make dialogue distance and presence, fantasy and story, truth and fiction letting the viewers discovering the traces and the signs of their intentions.

The confrontation born among the strong and different artistic personalities, without taking off any overall harmony, is inspired and guided by the Art, able to get through any physical or geographical border. This extraordinary aspect demonstrates, once more, how in the contemporary artistic panorama, emotions, spirit, memories and communication still being deeply and indissolubly connected to the Art and to our Lives.

Paola Trevisan.



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