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» Presentation: Little Treasures

»Little Treasures
International contemporary art Exhibition
Galleria Dé Marchi
Via Dé Marchi, 19/b - Bologna - Italy
May 8 - 22, 2010

Over recent years I have curated many fine exhibitions of artwork from individual creators from all over the world. Through the great diversity of individual expression these exhibitions have grown in size and attention and have always been well received.

The 2006 show “Magic” at Castello Estense in Ferrara seemed to re-awaken an awareness of the great traditions of art inherent to Ferrara. The traditionalists with their superb renderings of reality echoed the spirit of Cosmé Tura, while the magic of the metaphysical and abstraction, reminded us of Carrŕ and De Chirico.

More recently, at the same venue, the 2007 exhibition “Spirit” brought with it a redoubled enthusiasm and enlightening interchange between the artists, their public and myself. It was as if a great discovery of emotional and spiritual treasure had been located. As we dug far into the night (often over good limoncello) we knew that there was much more to be unearthed.

I am proud to present to you these ‘Little Treasures’. They are the results of our intense search through the magical and spiritual domains of our existence. Excavated with deepest thought and care, they are the polished jewels from each artist’s heart. Every gem is a fresh and spontaneous idea before it grows into something weightier - the rare pearl discovered deep within the luscious oyster.

We thank you for your interest and sincerely hope that you enjoy the exhibition.

Paola Trevisan



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