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Presentation: Landscapes

International contemporary art Exhibition
Estense Castle, Ferrara/Italy
October 29 - November 06, 2005

The power of colours, of shapes, of sensations, of the suggestions and of perfumes belongs to landscape, to Nature. Sometimes it is fascinating other times is restless, threatening other times, emerges and wraps us overwhelming, stimulating our senses.
The Landscape, always changeable and rich of infinity shades. It reveals itself in its whole truth and power to those artists who daily paint it, showing unlimited faceting and interpretation.

Landscapes” is an international Exhibition aiming to gather established and emerging, Italian and foreign, young and less younger, artists who have choosen the beauty and the charm of the landscape, and in general, of the Nature, as their inspiration fount. Participating artists will freely employ and deploy their pictorial gestures, their colours, their settings with the attempt to define experiences, memories, sensations, emotions, visions and they will confront each other with great harmony.

Landscapes” won’t be a traditional Exhibition. The basic idea is not born to go toward the public tasting but to give the right and aesthetic value to a pictorial kind of painting that has always existed and given emotions; protagonist of the most important art museums. Yet, this painting will be a subject to the criticism whether of being too easy or elementary to paint. The Exhibition wants to go beyond the limit of a simple representation of the landscape. Rather, it will be proposed the idea of lively and secret Nature that, still able to stimulate a poetic sense of amazement amongst viewers. Thanks to the different artistic expressions of this theme that theme manages to provoke. We will face romantic visions, abstractions, Naif tales, airy, fresh, sunny landscapes – painted en plain air as requires the impressionistic tradition – and Mediterranean horizons. We will also admire intimate natures that merge realist and dreamy visions together.

Inside the exhibitive path, a large universe versatility, made by exterior and interior world, will be revealed. While the artists will be painting the selected landscape, pour a series of emotions whether consciously or unconsciously, only belongs to their universe. Life drawing solicitations, reminiscences, and visual traces of memories guide us in a sweet abandon between reality and fiction which would make us forgetting the vision for emotion.

Only artists’ glances and their souls can reveal what Nature has stored for us with its secrets, its charms and its wonderful fruitages.

The organizers, during the Exhibitions at the Estenese Castle, will select and bring artists together as representatives of this kind of spiritual and artistic research. Artists’ works have to preserve the “landscape” theme and believe in the emotional possibilities that this artwork offers. The range of expressive forms can be extremely wide and varied: painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, and graphic.

On this artistic and cultural occasion, the Jury will award the "Filippo De Pisis" Prize to the artist who displays the most significant artworks during the Exhibition. The “Emerging Artist” Prize will tend to give prominence to emerging artists and to more protagonists of the artistic and contemporary scenery.

The curators will also make sure to involve Institutions, critics, operators, collectors, press and specialized media. As well, they will underline the approach of the cultural and of the marketing aspect of this event, which is an inseparable feature of contemporary art.

Paola Trevisan



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