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Presentation: Emotions in Motion

»Emotions in Motion
International contemporary art Exhibition
Estense Castle, Ferrara/Italy
March 12 - 22, 2005

Perhaps there still is a respect in which "Emotions in motion" would not completely obsolete as a title for an art Exhibition. Today art is very much conceptual and too often seems to be absorbed in a constant search for empty and vacuous provocations. Yet it is still capable of exploring the purely pictorial, emotional, and introspective dimensions of aesthetic experience.

Luckily we have not yet reached the 'ground zero' of art, as Jean Baudrillard predicted, even though, sadly, very much of his pessimistic prediction has already turned into reality. Yet there are many artists today who still feel the need to dirty the canvas and to pour the burden of their emotions upon it, to express those feelings and moods they experience during the act of painting and as well as those which constantly flow though them.

"Emotions in motion" is an International Exhibition aiming to gather established and emergent, Italian and foreign, artists who still concern themselves with the attempt to define experiences, memories, sensations, visions and, also -- why not? -- premonitions.
Participating artists will freely employ and deploy their pictorial gestures, their colours and signs in order to get as close as possible to the psychological sphere: those feelings, emotions, and moods that make up our spiritual dimension.

"Emotions in motion" intends to give space to this kind of artistic research, to an art that finds its strength in the expressive power of sign, colour, subject, and visual impression, since our sight is ineluctably attracted to the canvas that is bathed in evocation.

Artists representative of this kind of spiritual and artistic research will be brought together with those artists who still believe in the emotional possibilities that art offers. The range of expressive forms can be extremely wide and varied: painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, and installation.

On this artistic and cultural occasion, the Jury will award the "Ercole d'Este" prize to the artist who shows the most significant artworks during the Exhibition.

The choice of scenery for the "Emotions in motion" Exhibition was selected to complement this general frame of artistic and emotional research. The beautiful and evocative setting provided by the "Imbarcadero Rooms" of the historic Este Castle that dominates the city centre (which was turned into a Museum last July) shows how "Emotions in motion" aims to be an Exhibition that moves outside the conventional norms of profile exhibitions.

The curators will also make sure to involve critics and operators in the event, underlining how they approach the cultural and marketing side of the event, which is an inseparable aspect of contemporary art.

Paola Trevisan



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