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Presentation: Imaginary Journeys

"Imaginary Journeys"
International Art Exhibition
Imbarcadero Rooms, Estense Castle - Ferrara/Italy
October 24 - November 1, 2009

As a curator who is passionate about contemporary art in particular, I firmly believe that the emotional and intuitive component of an artwork - as well as the approach to it - has an extraordinary power and that it is always the main element in the artistic panorama where imagination plays a vital role. Indeed, it is the very spring into which artists dip in order to pursue an absorbing journey on which images and imaginations appear; and these, stirred by dreams, fantasies and hazy memories but also by a perception of the dimension of reality, come to be transferred on to the canvas through the creative impulse.

Bringing together a group of artists all drawn by the alluring charm of the imagination, this exhibition, “Imaginary Journeys”, aims to show that contemporary art, on the purely painterly, artistic and emotional front, can still display extraordinarily expressive vigour and provide a magical, irresistible attraction, despite the more widely acclaimed and publicised pitch nowadays to become ever more conceptual and impersonal; genuine and sincere artists such as those who are exhibiting here demonstrate this. Indeed, we find individuals who, feeling the irresistible urge to “daub” the canvas and pour on to it their emotions, feelings and moods experienced intensely in a moment of particular excitement or perhaps in a tide flowing constantly within their soul, invite us to an aesthetic, emotional approach towards works in which their personalities, both artistic and human, are at stake: their dreams and their memory.

The exhibition presents for public view a group of innovative and, in my view, courageous artists who love to dream and to create in total freedom of thought, and who, in true fulfilment of the theme of “Imaginary Journeys”, reveal their strength, their imagination and their talent, developed to varying degrees of nuance and expression. The result is a multi-coloured, harmonious course where it is impossible not to feel the moving sensations generated by purity and by the energy which springs from the chromatic vibrations, the power of the artistic stroke, from the formal compositions and the variety of textures.

On viewing the series of works on show - paintings, sculptures, photographs and digital media - we are intoxicated by the vibrant colours and joyful freedom, and by lyrical and evocative landscape scenes which accompany us as we walk through the charming Sale dell’Imbarcadero of the Castello Estense. Through their personal language of expression, the artists bring to life the magical interplay of forces which exist and operate within the artworks, overcoming the physical boundaries and at the same time involving space, images, colours and impulses.

Recently, I have organised and staged each year, at the Castello Estense, an international exhibition that is always full of surprises which are exciting for the rich quality of the artworks; I am delighted that this exhibition has become an important event each autumn where artists, critics and the public have the pleasure of meeting one another and sharing not only their passion for art but also the historical and cultural grandeur of a fascinating city such as Ferrara.
Once again Ferrara can be proud to host a high quality international art exhibition that doubtless takes each one of us on a hugely engaging emotional journey.

Paola Trevisan



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