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International Art Exhibition
Curated by Paola Trevisan
Estense Castle, Imbarcadero Rooms, Ferrara (Italy)
October 23-31, 2010

In planning this new exhibition, as always, I like to envisage it in terms of strength and variety. Just as individual artists follow their own path of infinite stimuli and impulses to arrive at a good conclusion, I too, as an organizer and curator, must give birth to a strong and harmonic result. My objective is to channel the varying creative forces into a cohesive whole - where, in spite of the great differences in individual artistic achievement, each work of art is enhanced by its surroundings.

Through my recent curatorial experiences, particularly at ‘Art Melbourne’ in Australia and ‘Little Treasures’ in Bologna, I realised what I love most about my exhibitions - it is the sheer ‘energy’ of the creative spirit. I love bringing together such diversity and harmonising its incredible force under one roof. It is this energy that has become a very distinctive feature of my exhibitions and has contributed so greatly to their visual uniqueness.

It has been a joy to spend time in endless communication with artists and learning from their opinions, ideas and dreams. I have learnt much of the innate, even violent, driving power behind their creativity and know well that in many cases - what they may dream and feel today - we will think and know tomorrow.

Thanks to my close communication with many fine artists and colleagues on the current art scene, I have learned more deeply what constitutes a work of art and gives it added value as such a vital part of our universal language. This, as with Nature herself, is ‘Creative Energy’. This is the power that communicates across all human barriers of language and culture (Beethoven did not write music in German). It is the energy that enables our species to survive and, alongside of science, must always be knocking loudly at the door of the unknown.

So - this time I intend placing before the public an exhibition of cutting edge momentum. This show will bring together a veritable firework display of ‘Creative Energy’ from those international artists who dare to dream. I will be looking for vitality, experimentation, multicoloured yet harmonious pattern, freedom of thought, purity of expression and, above all, the creative energy of life.

Once again we will walk through the magical city of Ferrara and enter the rooms of the majestic Este Castle. Here the spectator will encounter a new mysterious and enigmatic universe - an intensity of vigour that will reverberate through that great historical building and beyond. Such a phenomenon will be caused by the culmination of energy that flows through the veins of every painter and sculptor as, through this exhibition, they express and exhibit their own Creative Energy.

Paola Trevisan



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