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Presentation: Art at ‘Art Melbourne’ Australia

»Trevisan International Art at ‘Art Melbourne’ Australia.
Royal Exhibition Building
22-25 April, 2010

Because of the many great memories and emotional experiences, it is difficult to know where to begin in my report on Trevisan International Art exhibiting at ‘Art Melbourne’.

From April 22nd – 25th this great art fair displayed over 800 Australian and International artists at the magnificent and historical Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne. Through the Australian artists that I have had the pleasure to work with, I have learned that Australia is a great young country that is open to all levels of art. They were right - I am extremely happy that I made the decision to join this great event. It has proved a very important step for me in that it gives me confidence and opens up all sorts of international possibilities for the future. The Melbourne public was especially welcoming in their appreciation of our efforts and we received great feedback from dealers and collectors alike regarding the quality of the paintings and sculptures in our display.

I would especially like to thank those artists who believed in me and allowed me to represent them at this great event: Marion Bakker (Holland), Michele Krauss (United States), Ton Lindhout (Holland), Fran Mc Cann (Ireland), Keith Morant (New Zealand), Franz Rittmannsberger (Austria), Carol Rowling (Australia) and Joe Sloan (Ireland). I am very proud of you all. I am also very happy that we had such good results, not only on terms of sales, but also in the great interest and compliments received by many visitors on the quality of your exhibited artworks.

I have made many new contacts and received great stimulation and encouragement from this experience; it gave me the opportunity to know Australia, a wonderfully modern country that is very alive to contemporary art. This venture has also been a strong test for Trevisan International Art, forcefully demonstrating, that, thanks to the integrity and creative richness of the artists, we are able to cross any geographic barrier.

It was an honor for me to exhibit these eight artists in Melbourne and I am confident that this has been a giant first step on a journey towards much more international exposure for the future of Trevisan International Art.

Paola Trevisan



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