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The Ferrara Collective

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"Rooms of the Memory"
Federician Rooms of Svevo Castle, Trani
19 May – 06 June 2007

After the exhibition of Magic curated by Paola Trevisan the spirit among all international artists was great.
Big ideas were born from this unique synergy of creativity. On December 17th 2006 I founded the Ferrara collective to keep the memory of Ferrara alive as well as to become an integral part of the artistic future.
I'm grateful and glad that I may provide a venue of sorts for the coordination of such an enthusiastic and talented group of artists.

Hans Mertens, founder

The Ferrara Collective was inspired by a group of artists who met in Ferrara, Italy during the opening reception of "Magic: The Magic Paths of Art", an exhibition curated by Paola Trevisan on November 2006 at the Estense Castle.
We decided to form an international collective in order to share our ideas, opinions, projects and dreams. In the contemporary art world where business is power and the emotional and spiritual aspects of art are not valued, it is a precious experience to be able to network with people who are passionate about the visual arts, and enjoy sharing ideas, thoughts, and beliefs with fellow artists.
All of us firmly believe in the power of the group: working together, to our collective advantage, as has often happened in the past with groups of artists who have spontaneously birthed the major movements of art history.
We believe that we can create a similar situation today if we plan meetings, share our experiences, debate, discuss projects and opportunities, and promote each other for the common good, as well as our individual benefit.
Founded on these principles, each artist, with their different personalities, talents, and sensibilities, is bringing his/her contribution to our Collective.

The Ferrara Collective



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