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Trevisan International Art is a selection of fine artists which, since 2003, have been especially selected to exhibit their work at the Estense Castle in Ferrara, and other venues throughout Italy. It is our aim to provide a strong interactive network for these artists where a ‘meeting of minds’ may communicate from many different countries and cultures.

Under the guidance and curatorial skills of Paola Trevisan these artists will enjoy a valuable source of International communication as well as a strong launching pad for global promotion. The strength in this venture lies in the diversity of character, sensibility and talent in the differing individualities of the artists. Through the variations inherent to their language and cultural backgrounds, they will enlarge their awareness of art on an International level and enrich their understanding of its purpose.

As Trevisan International Art moves inexorably towards exhibitions in other countries, such correspondence and International communication becomes increasingly vital. It will be of paramount importance in maintaining the continuity of the high quality and integrity of works presented at all future exhibitions.

From 2008 Paola Trevisan has started a precious partnership with Alessio Boschi at the De’ Marchi Gallery, in Bologna, a few steps from Piazza Maggiore - the main square of the city - allowing her to show artworks both in Ferrara and Bologna.



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